RX Audite – SDR splitter/switch

Principles of switching and operation:

  • In the off state (POWER_OFF), the main antenna is connected directly to the transceiver and the receiving antenna is connected directly to the SDR receiver.
    When powered on (POWER_ON), the antennas are controlled by two toggle switches. The first one allows you to select whether the input to the SDR receiver is on or off (SDR_ON/SDR_OFF).
  • If the toggle switch is in the SDR_OFF position, the second toggle switch selects which antenna will be used for reception – the main antenna (MAIN) or the receiving antenna (RXANT). The SDR input of the receiver (SDR) is not used and is grounded. In this option, the unit operates exactly as described earlier.
  • If the toggle switch is in the SDR_ON position, the signal from the main or receiving antenna (depending on the position of the second toggle switch MAIN or RXANT) will be divided into two inputs – for the transceiver and the SDR receiver.
  • If a separate receiving antenna is not used, the second toggle switch should be left in the MAIN position.
  • During transmission, when the PTT signal is activated, the receiver SDR input is shorted to ground and the main antenna is connected only to the transceiver input. This happens regardless of the position of the toggle switches. During transmission, the signal only goes from the transceiver to the main antenna.

More information – https://ra0sms.com/rx-audite-sdr/

Frequency range: 0.1-54 MHz
Power supply: 12(13.8)VDC
Consumption current: 200 mA
Weight: 450g
Cost: 90USD