RF Sampler Modulation monitor 1-50 MHz

An RF sampling port, based on a toroid transformer design, designed to provide a safe sampling voltage of applied RF, so you can ‘see’ your modulation live on an oscilloscope connected to the sampled BNC port.
RF energy is sensed by the toroid secondary and provides a 30db reduction of the original signal up to 50 Mhz at the BNC sampling port. The sampler can also be used at VHF and UHF frequencies, with a reduced sampled output.
Correctly terminated at 50 Ohms, so you don’t need to provide external termination.
Two SO-239 pass-thru sockets provide an SWR neutral (1:1) path for your RF, the sampled energy is available at the BNC.
Insertion loss measured at 14.200 MHz was determined at -0.12db (in other words, no insertion loss).
At 100% duty cycle the sampler can handle 1000 Watts of continuous power, with a peak output max. of 1500 Watts, not to exceed 5 minutes duration with 15 minute gaps at this power level.

Weight: 150g
Cost: 30USD