USB Control Console

The device allows you to control the supply of voltage to various types of loads (antenna switches, relays, etc.). USB port control.

  • 16 independent outputs divided into two blocks of 8 outputs (you can apply different switching voltages)
  • Maximum current – up to 500 mA (total for each of two blocks of 8 outputs)
  • Input voltage from 5 to 45VDC
  • Compatible with microHAM protocol (mk2R switches).
  • Ability to automatically switch from DXLog
  • You can change and save name of labels
  • independent settings for 1-8 and 9-16 outputs
  • Two modes – you can turn ON all outputs or switch mode (only one output)
  • Software for Windows OS
  • PCB dimension – 120*50mm (USB type B connector)

Weight: 80g
Cost: 30USD